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The Independent Methodist Bible Institutes  is the first local church theological training vehicle of The World Conference of the Independent Methodist Church.

If an individual is called to train for the ministry of the Church, then the Independent Methodist Bible Institute will direct that individual to courses that can be taken through our Jacobus Arminius Courses and the connection with our seminary, The Independent Methodist Theological Seminary.

The Independent Methodist Theological Seminary is a theological program for those called to be Ministers in The Independent Methodist Church and the Assemblies of God (International Fellowship).

Although its theological background is firmly classical evangelicalism, the courses, training and religious degrees will be extensive in scope and not limited to the Independent Methodist doctrinal stand only, but will include other theological opinions.

What we at The Independent Methodist Bible Institute are offering is nothing new. London Theological Seminary is now offering American originating theological study through its John Owen Centre for theological study and its affiliation with Westminster Theological Seminary in Philadelphia, promoting Calvinist theological doctrine. Likewise, we at The Independent Methodist Bible Institute are offering is internationally originating theological study, promoting Arminian and Independent Methodist theological doctrine.

The difference is that instead of having just one campus or Bible College facility to which we expect students to take residency in, we instead encourage each of our local churches to participate in our Independent Methodist Bible Institute programme, therefore encouraging new potential leadership to grow in the local church setting but also having the advantage of individually progressing further with their studies through the courses available to them through our Jacobus Arminius Courses of Theological Study.

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