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If you are interested, then what will it cost? This something that the Church Board of The Independent Methodist Church decide together with local Pastors. So, to find out how much local church Institute courses cost you simply enquire what that will be from the local Pastor of an Independent Methodist Church. 

We believe that the course cost structure will be fair, electric, heating the premises, caretaker and speakers considered.

An Interesting final Thought!

What's the difference between Calvinist Predestination and Arminian Free Will Theology?


Elements of this theology allowed the discriminatory principle of Biblical ethnic division to prevail into theological principal, producing what we know today as racism, eugenics, rationalized human discrimination, superiority complex and dismissive-ness. Also the weaknesses of this theology is its effective influence on human mental temperament and character in that its final logical definition seems to portray mankind as ultimate automatons in a large and capricious game called "Existence".

Free Will

This theology has personal choice, enlightenment, decisions and conscience included in the "Existence" equation. In the more extreme logical outworking of this theology, random and chaos are also included in that "Existence" equation. The weaknesses of this theology is its effective influence on human mental temperament and character and particularly on those outside "the Christian sphere of influence" where it has seemed to promote, at best social consciousness and egalitarianism, but at its worst a "free for all" mentality or "individualism run wild".





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