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How it works: The simplicity of study in a local church setting

The local Pastor organises the Bible Institute programme for the church on a week night or on Saturday.

This Bible Institute programme is run by the Pastor of the local church, under guidelines that are set by the overall Director of the Bible Institutes programme.

The students will study three subjects each session held. There will be three 45 minute long lectures with a short break in between each lecture on those three different subjects.

Homework will be required and a record of the marking of that homework will be sent into the Bible Institutes programme Director in order to tally up credits in the students progress toward gaining a completion to graduate at either Certificate or Associate level.

Visiting Lecturers will come to your local church as part of the Jacobus Arminius Courses programme.

If students in the local church have graduated at the Certificate or Associate level, or indeed the leadership of a local church deem that an individual should be supported and encouraged to enrol in one the Higher Religious Educational Courses offered through studying Jacobus Arminius Courses, then Study Days or Conferences will be arranged for those Jacobus Arminius Courses in the local church and the respect lecturers will visit the local church to conduct those Study Days or Conferences.

The local Pastor and leadership team should decided whether those Study Days and or Conference should be open to all congregational members or not.




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