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Christian Foundational Courses

These are not necessarily Independent Methodist, but are relevant to Independent Methodism and are as follows:

Authors relevant as we touch on Israel's History:-

Leon Wood

Roland De Vaux

Authors relevant as we touch on Church History:-

James E. Bradley - Richard A. Muller

Authors relevant as we touch on Bible Survey and Systematic Theology:- 

Free Will (Arminian):

Wesleyan Bible Commentary (Entire Bible)

John Wesley (Entire Works); Sermons, Thoughts, Addresses, Prayers, Essays, Dialogues, Grammars, Music, Journals.

John Wesley (Explanatory notes on the New Testament)

E. W. Bullinger (Explanatory notes on the entire Bible "The Companion Bible")

Finis Dake (Entire Bible Annotated)

William Kelly (Exposition on the Epistles of John, Philippians, Colossians)

John MacQuarrie (Principles of Christian Theology)

Charles Finney (Systematic Theology)

J. Sidloe Baxter Commentary (Entire Bible)

Finis Dake (Systematic Theology "God's plan for man")

Predestinarian (Calvinist):

John Calvin Commentary (Entire Bible)

William Hendriksen Commentary (New Testament)

J. Alberto Soggin (Old Testament)

Jamieson, Fausett and Brown Commentary (Entire Bible)

Robert Jamieson Commentary (Entire Bible)

Augustus Hopkins Strong (Systematic Theology)

Emery H. Bancroft (Sytematic Theology)

Loraine Boettner (Dissertation on dispensational teaching, "The Millennium')

Authors relevant to the study of Hermeneutics:

J. Edwin Hartill (Principles of Biblical Hermeneutics)

Authors relevant, as we touch on Sociology and Philosophy and their influence on Theology:

Immanuel Kant

Soren Kierkegaard

Karl Barth

Emil Brunner

Rudolf Bultmann

Paul Tillich

Hans Kung

Emile Durkheim

Authors relevant, as we touch on Psychology and its influence on Christian Counseling:

Sigmund Freud

Carl Jung

Bruce Narramore


Methodist Foundational Courses

Authors relevant, as we touch on Independent Methodism and its specific doctrines, faith and practice:

There are thousands of authors who have a direct or indirect influence upon Independent Methodist doctrine faith and practice. These are far too numerous to itemize.




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The information contained on this site is for educational purposes only. These statements are not intended to be comprehensive comparative theology. They are, however, grounded in classical protestant fundamentals with an emphasis on the experiential.  Also, any of the courses and resources featured on this site are for educational purposes only.